Cream Yoga Dance Campaign

As dancers, the factor that is always at the top of the list for us is comfort. Are the clothes we’re rehearsing in comfortable? Are we able to move seamlessly without restricting our range of motion? 
According to multiple professional dancers, and Cream Yoga enthusiasts, Cream has fully mastered comfortability. We have been told that our clothes are the perfect material for all things movement, especially dance!  

This summer, we were able to put these theories to the test. Using dance and movement as the basis of our campaign, we shot an entire video for our new Cream Yoga line. While working with three professional dancers during this shoot, we got the real inside scoop.  Morgyn Pottorf, BFA dance graduate and professional dancer, said, “I loved the material of all the sets I tried on. Stretchy. Soft. Perfect for moving.” 
Pottorf explained that Cream Yoga had everything she valued in her dancewear. Cute, trendy designs that she could wear to and from dance classes, as well as breathable material.
On that note, Chloe Andersson, another professional dancer in Cream Yoga’s dance campaign shoot, said that she was so excited to learn about a brand that had multipurposes.
“Going from rehearsal to grabbing my groceries from the store, Cream Yoga is perfect for making comfort stylish. Another great thing about Cream is that it’s not see-through. This is huge for dancers,” she said.
Andersson exclaimed that she was so happy with the quality of Cream during the shoot. Out in the California sun, shooting the dance campaign—she was still at peak comfort. Well there you have it! Dancer approved. 
We are so glad movers of all professions love Cream Yoga as much as we do. 
Check out our AMAZING cast:
Dancer: Morgyn Pottorf
Dancer: Chloe Andersson
Dancer, Editor, Producer & Director: Savannah Sauer
Videographer: John Peirce Dellanno   

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