Cream Yoga had the pleasure of partnering up with the amazing April to share the love of Cream and a nice Yoga flow! We couldn’t imagine a better way to ring in the fall season, could you? Cream Yoga Pop-Up Event with April took place at Desert Mvmt in Phoenix, Arizona on a smooth Sunday morning. The community really showed up and had such a blast getting to connect with each other, while sharing the latest Cream activewear. As the class enjoyed their mellow flow, there was even a live sound bath accompanist and local vendors to tie in the mood.

April said that "It was a beautiful experience that I'm grateful to be a part of".

Now, a little about April! Who is she? One of our favorite Yoga Icons? Actually, yes! April dove straight into teaching after falling in love with a hot yoga class she was dragged to by a friend. After witnessing the positive and inclusive environment, she couldn't stay away! When asked what
her favorite part about teaching is, she explains that it is easily the students.

"Creating a unique space for them to fully, truly be themselves and find their practice fills me
right up", she said.

April has been a Cream Yoga fanatic from the very beginning. She swoons over unique textures that move directly with you through a flow and can't get enough of the sweat absorbing materials. Great for hot yoga or just a hot Arizona day!

After class students spent plenty of time connecting with the local vendors who were a part of the event as well. My Moms Juice brought in amazing refreshments, sage bundles
were made, and crystals caught everyone's eyes! April had such a blast talking up Cream Yoga since it's one of the easiest things to do! This event would not have been at all possible without each and every person who attended.


Special thanks to Desert Mvmt for providing a beautiful studio space and all the AZ community for showing up! We are so excited to continue putting on events like these - stay tuned! #Creamfam Many thanks to our local vendors and supporters!   

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All photos by Sydney Cisco