Cream Yoga's first ambassador —Masha

From being the first ever Cream ambassador, Masha holds a special place in Cream’s heart. She has been there every step of the way and has had the opportunity to experience Cream’s growth from the very beginning. We are so thankful to have a true yogi, like Masha, cheer us on and support our message of positivity and balance. She is truly a Cream Angel and we could not have asked for a better ambassador to create our #Creamfam!

Let’s talk about Masha! Cream Yoga has had the pleasure to work with the wonderful Masha Zelovic, not only to spread more awareness about Cream Yoga, but to also bring the community together with an amazing message.

Masha uses mantras of kindness, balance and an optimistic mindset as the basis of her Yoga practice. She has stressed that slow movements and soft power facilitate strength and productivity. These idealizations perfectly align with Cream’s values as a brand. We knew it was meant to be from the start!


Masha tried her first yoga class in Guatemala about eight years ago—instantly sparking her passion for wellness, movement and health. During this time, Masha was suffering from an auto-immune disease that left her feeling completely disconnected from her body and mind. She realized that finding one’s inner connection is the key to thrive in all areas of life. She believes that patience, practice and conscious self-care techniques are capable of soothing layers of tension to create more of an optimistic mentality. With these mantras in mind, Masha believes that our bodies are able to achieve much more than we can anticipate.  

Every great yoga instructor needs a great uniform. We are so lucky that Masha has chosen us to be her’s. 

As a full-time yoga instructor who practically lives in activewear, the durability of our fabrics are a huge factor for Masha. She says that she washes her Cream Yoga sets at least twice a week and they still look brand new. We aren’t surprised!

We asked Masha what makes Cream unique from other brands: 

“Definitely the designs. No other brands have such remarkable and unique choices of styles. The outfits are sophisticated yet comfortable and made to be worn by any body type”.

Masha lives in her activewear. We are so happy to provide ambassadors, like her, with options that will keep them happy doing what they love.

By now you can tell that Masha is really cool. What if we told you she only gets cooler?

Q & A

What has been your favorite part about teaching yoga?

I have been a yoga teacher for 5 years, I found that sharing a practice that has personally helped me and noticing how it was helping others, was very fulfilling. I am now a full-time yoga instructor.

What has been the most exciting place you’ve done Yoga or taught a class?

The most exciting and fulfilling place has been in Nicaragua at a yoga retreat overlooking the Ocean.

How does wearing Cream Yoga in your classes make you feel?

I feel like myself when I wear Cream! I love how unique the designs are—it makes me feel like I’m wearing something more than just activewear.

What can people expect out of taking your class?

My classes revolve around self-exploration, play and mindful movements. I always integrate breath-work and meditation at the beginning and the end of class. The movement usually starts slow and then expands to a vigorous, dynamic, flow practice.

Why do you love Cream?

Cream Yoga’s material is soft and buttery while still having good support. One of the most annoying things that can happen is not being comfortable in your outfit when you are already trying something that may be foreign or uncomfortable to you. With Cream Yoga, you don’t have to worry. You know you will be at peak comfort the second you put it on.

Cream Yoga’s ambassador’s have such a strong impact on the brand. From trying out the newest collections and providing important feedback, to visualizing Cream to the community and hosting live events inspired by getting active, partners, like Masha, have helped Cream grow into the strong brand that it is today.

Having Masha’s support in the development of the brand has been a huge factor in our growth. We are so excited to keep partnering with professionals, like Masha, in the near future. 

If you are interested in partnering with us, keep an eye out for our ambassador application page soon!